Details for Disc Golf Kit

Potential Fees:
Equipment Resident Fees: $15.00  (Required)
Equipment NR Fees: $30.00  (Required)
Features: 2 Discs Each: Fairway Driver, Mid Range and Putt & Approach, Carrying Case or Equipment Bag
Check Out Notes:
Payment is required when the kit is picked up and can be made by check or cash only. Checks are payable to "Bernards Township". All payments must be either the renterís personal check or from the organization they are representing. A $200 security deposit check is required when picking up the kit. Kits are to be returned by 10:00AM on the listed return date. Saturday and Sunday Kit rentals are considered a one day rental and are picked up on Fridays and returned on Mondays.
Try out our 9-Hole Disc Golf Course located at Dunham Park. Kit includes two discs of each type in an equipment bag: Fairway Driver, Mid Range and Putt & Approach.
Check In Notes:
Kits must be returned by 10AM on the return date listed on your permit.
Late return of equipment will be charged a fee of $25 per day. If equipment is not returned after 5 business days, the deposit check will be forfeited and cashed, and you will be billed for any additional costs not covered by the security deposit. Upon return, if there is any lost equipment from the kit, the appropriate charge will be collected. You will not be reimbursed at a later date if the equipment is brought back.
Kit rentals are non-refundable once paid.
Currently not available for Web Registration.
Quantity: 2