Please verify your information below.


Only phone numbers, e-mail addresses and emergency contact information may be updated. To update name or address information, click here to download our Household Information Form. Select Family Member Data under My Account, to view information on file for individual family members.

For TEAM Households:

The first time you log-in through your personal household account you will be asked to create a separate TEAM user name and password to manage your team registration. You will be listed as the team contact. After you are finished updating your team contact information you will be given the oppourtunity to add players to your roster. To edit your team in the future, log in with your TEAM user name and password and select "Change Player Data" from the "My Team" menu.

Please review your household information and update if necessary:

  1. Head of Household Information
  2. Secondary Guardian Information
  3. Email and Phone Information
  4. Address Information
  5. Emergency Contact Information
  6.   Name of Emergency Contact (First)Name of Emergency Contact (Last)Contact Phone w/ area codeRelationship
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